Welcome to my USC Annenberg Comprehensive Exam (Master of Arts in Public Relations and Advertising), featuring Oatly. Oatly is a Swedish company founded in 1994 by food scientist Rickard Öste and his brother Björn Öste. They were the first company to produce plant-based food and alternatives to dairy products from oats, including the company’s primary product, oat milk. Oatly’s local markets are Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Oatly’s products are sold in over 32,000 coffee shops and available in 60,000 retail stores worldwide, including thousands of Starbucks locations.

Oatly produces and sells a range of products, including ice cream, fudge bars, dessert mini cups, and its variety of oat milk, such as original, chocolate, vanilla, full-fat, low-fat, and the barista edition. In Europe, more products are available, such as cold coffee drinks, oat milk yogurt or “Oatgurt,” custard, milk boxes, and cooking milks and creams.

This Oatly campaign focuses on the launch of a new oat-based cheese product called Oatcheese. The project comprises five material components: a news release, infographic, brand storytelling multimedia elements, SWOT analysis, and a creative brief with an advertising headline/tagline.

Project Elements

News Release:

Read about the launch of Oatly’s new fabricated oat-based cheese called Oatcheese.


Explore a visual representation of Oatly as an environmentally sustainable brand.

Brand Storytelling:

View a compilation of Instagram posts, out-of-home (OOH) advertisements, and a blog post to enhance brand awareness, build consumer relationships, and increase sales for Oatly’s brand and its new oat-based cheese product.

SWOT Analysis:

View Oatly’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within the food industry.

Creative Brief & Tagline:

Explore an outline of the brand’s target audience, goals, and innovative approach for Oatly’s new oat-based product advertising campaign.

Disclaimer: The material on this page is for academic purposes at the University of Southern California. This campaign is not affiliated with Oatly.