Adobe Features That Can Help Public Relations and Advertising Graduate Students Get A Start in Graphic Design

Are you in a public relations, advertising, or communication graduate program interested in strengthening your expertise in graphic design but don’t know where to start?

In many graduate programs, especially in PR and advertising, class work is built on projects about brands and clients vying for customer attention in a sea of digital content. Compelling graphics and images that draw people to your message and brand are more important than ever. Also, design is an in-demand career path. According to researchers, graphic designers are expected to increase by 4.6% between 2016 and 2026.

It can be tempting to dive in and try to learn everything all at once but don’t overwhelm yourself. Adobe is the perfect digital experience and tool to start your journey in the world of graphic design. I’ve rounded up some graphic design for beginners insights from Adobe’s best design apps, Adobe Express, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign, to help you get started.

Adobe Express injects creativity into every assignment and makes classwork and projects feel like play. Plus, Express hooks you up with built-in templates for starting points. For visual reports and essays, presentations, newsletters, resumes, or social media posts, Adobe Express gives you all the polish and tools of a professionally designed graphic with just a few easy uploads on your part. Create eye-catching designs with Adobe Express and then use those graphics in a webpage or video created in Express for a multimedia story that only looks like it took you forever to make. 

Want to take your design to the next level? Adobe Illustrator and InDesign can take you there. Illustrator is another popular software option used to create vector graphics. Graphics can be enlarged without compromising the integrity of the original image, so you get a crisp image no matter the final size. InDesign is explicitly designed for printed materials, including brochures, ads, business cards, books, and more. It’s the tool you use to put the visual elements you create in Photoshop and Illustrator into one place or publication. 

Create graphics in Adobe Express, make pleasing illustration visuals with Adobe Illustrator, and tell your story with your business brochure in Adobe InDesign. I promise you will bring your hard work to life and stand out. To get started, subscribe to Adobe on mobile or the web. 

You can get Adobe Express (including its premium features) for free when your university signs up. Also, check out other popular Adobe creativity and design apps to make photos, videos, and social media, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe Premiere Pro.