Explore an outline of the brand’s target audience, goals, and innovative approach for Oatly’s new oat-based product advertising campaign.

Client: Oatly

Prepared by: Sasha Jackson

Date: March 27, 2024


Introducing Oatly’s new, invented oat-based cheese product, Oatcheese. Oatcheese will be Oatly’s first oat-based cheese product. To promote the new product, Oatly will launch an advertising campaign that includes a poster, bus shelter, and billboard ad with a tagline(s), news release, blog post, and Instagram posts.


“It looks like cheese, but it’s actually oats.”

“It totally tastes like oats. I mean cheese.”

Company Background/ Overview:

Founded in 1994 at Lund University in Sweden, Oatly is a Swedish food company that produces plant-based food and alternatives to dairy products from oats, including the company’s primary product, oat milk. Oatly’s local markets are Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Oatly’s products are sold in over 32,000 coffee shops and available in 60,000 retail stores worldwide, including thousands of Starbucks locations.

What is the goal?

Today, food consumers are more likely to buy non-dairy-based items. We aim to raise awareness of Oatly’s new oat-based food product, Oatcheese, and the brand by portraying the plant-based company as the best non-dairy alternative.  

Who is our target audience and demographics?

  • New and current Oatly consumers
  • Millennials and Generation Z
  • Middle to upper-class individuals
  • Vegetarian, vegans, and non-vegans
  • Non-dairy and plant-based food buyers
  • Plant-based consumers looking for non-dairy alternatives
  • Cheese lovers

Where will this ad appear?

Oatly’s advertisements will appear in many local markets and all 20 international countries, including the U.S., that sell Oatly’s non-dairy products. For out-of-home (OOH) ads in the U.S., Oatly’s billboard and poster will be placed in numerous streets, highways, and bus shelters in major metropolitan cities that have a large population of plant-based consumers, such as Portland, Los Angeles, Orlando, San Diego, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Miami. Online promotions will be advertised on Oatly’s social media channels, providing insights into the brand’s personality and purpose, and excitingly introducing the new cheese product, Oatcheese.  

Why do we need this ad?

This ad will help introduce new consumers to Oatly’s brand and its new fabricated oat-based cheese. Oatly’s goal is to reach a wide range of people, particularly in the U.S., through various platforms to easily sway the target audience’s food choices to healthier alternatives by choosing Oatly. The goal is to increase brand awareness, build customer relationships, and increase product sales.

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Disclaimer: The material on this page is for academic purposes at the University of Southern California. This campaign is not affiliated with Oatly.